Monday, November 1, 2010


The following is an assignment that I wrote for IEW class last week.  Mom thought I should share it.  It is a three paragraph story on the Israelites and the Exodus.
I hope you enjoy it.

Moses the Emancipator

Egypt was a blazingly hot and arid land. Blistering sunlight descended upon the Israelite slaves as they labored in despair, fashioning colossal, towering monuments under Pharaoh’s ruthless regime. It seemed they would be devoured by the baking sun and the Egyptians’ bellowing commands. After four hundred years, they felt their pleadings would go on indefinitely and God would neglect them forever. Eventually, their wailing was heard by the Lord. God chose Moses, who was mild-mannered and meek, to demand their freedom from Pharaoh. Quaking in his sandals, Moses ascended to Pharaoh’s radiant, fanciful palace to seek their release. The corrupt pharaoh protested repeatedly. Contrary to Moses’ instructions, he refused to let the Israelite’s go. He would not obey. Because of Pharaoh’s wickedness, God sent baffling plagues and devastating enigmas to torment the Egyptians. Finally, Pharaoh’s will was depleted. He gave in. He set them free!

The Israelites joyfully followed Moses toward the Promised Land, which was flowing with delicious milk and sweet, delectable honey. At long last, they were out of bondage. Unfortunately, they didn’t get far. Pharaoh became irate and ordered his army to track them down. As they approached the Red Sea, they discovered they were trapped! Pharaoh’s army descended upon them from one side. The Sea lay on the other side. Fearfully, the Israelites turned to Moses in despair and wailed, “Have you taken us here to die?” Moses validated their feelings of terror, but he had a stronger faith in God. Courageously, Moses stretched out his gnarled rod and prayed.

As Moses pleaded with the Lord and extended his trembling hand, unbelievable events began to take place. “Stand back and watch the Lord at work,” bellowed Moses. At that moment, God took charge. The angel of the Lord and a fiery, flaming pillar of cloud went behind the people and obscured the way for Pharaoh’s army. Next, the Lord sent a mighty wind streaking and whipping though the night to split the waters of the sea. A dry path appeared. The Israelites traveled safely across the squishy, murky sea bed. Towering walls of water encased them, but they refused to give up. When Pharaoh and his army relentlessly followed, the Lord caused the wheels of their chariots to become stuck in the spongy mud and fall off. On the other side, Moses again stretched out his hand. Suddenly, the sea crashed down and devoured the Egyptians. Pharaoh’s army was destroyed. In awe, the people of Israel beheld the wondrous works of the Lord. God’s servant, Moses, had become the deliverer. Emancipation at last!